Jessica’s 500 words

Once upon a time there lived a man named Benjamin. Now, Benjamin was a regular person until one day something extraordinary happened and changed his life forever.

One day Benjamin decided to go for a walk down by the lake, until he saw a bright light heading towards him so he obviously ran closer to it. As the bright light stopped, it started to get bigger and bigger, until finally the light grabbed Benjamin and pulled him through a beaming hole. It went on forever.

When he finally got out, he could see long, tall grass. But over the grass there was another bright light shimmering in the sunlight. So Benjamin slowly walked towards the light, but he reached into his back pocket for his chocolate. Then suddenly, there was no chocolate in his pocket- there was only a note. It said, “You’re the one, read the plaque.” He read the plaque and it said “All my problems will go, all my problems will go.” Suddenly a huge wall opened up and yelled “I know your problems, just say problems, problems, problems, go, go, go.” So he said it, and… Bang!

They transported to a world with nothing in it but a tiny little mushroom. This was no ordinary mushroom, this mushroom was glowing blue.
“No no no no! This isn’t what I wanted- I wanted money, friends and more, not nothing!” Benjamin shouted for ages and ages saying, “Why, why me? Why? What did I do?” But as quick as a flash, the light disappeared without a trace.

“AARRGGHH! What is going on?! Lots of thought ran through Benjamin’s mind, like will I get back? What’s that mushroom doing there and why is it glowing blue? Benjamin went closer to the mushroom and picked it up.

Zoom! Him and the mushroom flew across the hall and landed right in front of his house but it was new and improved with other people inside. Then Benjamin ran away as fast he could. But he just came back to where he started. Then a man started to shout, “Get off my land now!”
“But I live here?”
“ No, I do. Good day!” yelled the old man.
Just at that moment, he started running around and screaming, “I don’t want this!” But then the mushroom started growing bigger and bigger.
“I know what you want.” said the mushroom. Zap! They were transported to his real house but bigger and better. Then the mushroom disappeared without a trace.
“What is going on?” Benjamin said. Then he went in his house and it was huge. He went inside to see heaps of money, food and much much more. Then in the front room- there was a huge brass sculpture of him. His new house was amazing.

Two hours later he went to bed feeling as happy as ever. Then when he woke he did a huge yawn. When he went downstairs he saw a… mushroom! But it wasn’t glowing brightly at all.


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