Nina’s 500 words

Hello my name is Alice Jones. Do you believe in ghosts? Well I do. You see when I moved to Derbyshire in the Peak District, I had to travel across an abandoned railway to get to school. What’s so scary about an abandoned railway? Well the tunnels are haunted! When I moved here, there had been four disappearances- two in each tunnel! They were taken by the ghost train- it steams through the tunnels while the passengers grab people who linger too long. To tell you a little more I’ve included one of my history lessons.

“Now class,” said Miss P. “Today we’ll be talking about the railway tunnels just outside school.”
“Please Miss, I need the toilet.”
“Quiet Josh and listen! Long ago in the Victorian age, there was a terrible accident involving the tunnel outside school. It was a dreadful stormy night and a family who were related to one of the steam train drivers were stranded a local station so he offered to give them a lift home. When they were in the tunnel, it collapsed! The tunnel has been repaired of course, but legend has it the train still lurks in the tunnels…”

I think I should tell you about the tunnels. They are super dark. There’s just enough light to see. It’s almost like it’s raining in there because there are so many drips.

It was a normal Monday morning and I was riding to school on my bike. I’d made this journey quite a bit now and wasn’t that scared of the ghost train. After all, as long as I didn’t stop in the tunnels, I was okay. I was nearly at the end of the last tunnel when my bike got a puncture. Off I got to have a look when I felt an ice cold hand on the back of my neck!!! I turned around and there was the ghost train all battered and bumped. The engine driver and the fireman had crushed limbs and broken body bits, while the passengers had hollow faces, stretched skin and massive eyes. Yes and there were the disappeared people who looked pretty much normal, except they were so white they looked like pictures waiting to be coloured in.

I ran as fast as I could, then yes! Daylight. I saw the last stragglers going to school. Even if I did escape, I was going to get a late mark no doubt about that. I was about to get out of the tunnel I tripped! I picked myself up, the train was only inches away as I took the last step…

You may recall at the beginning of the story that when I had moved to Derbyshire there had been four disappearances. Well I am the fifth. You see the ghost passenger grabbed me. I turned into a ghost. Leaving the tunnel was impossible and I was hauled onto the train. Yes I shall be a passenger on the ghost train for ever more.


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