Aimee’s 500 words

Far, far away in a dried up, scratty land there was a little girl called Iylah-Rae. She grew with her parents (Ashlie and Scott). Sometimes this could be really fun, but with a baby on the way it made her parents miserable and dull. Iylah would often offer to help but most of the time they would say “No, Iylah, no.” They lived in a zoo which kept lots of animals like grizzly bears, gruesome gorillas and Iylah’s favourite, excellent elephants!

As she had woken up that morning, Iylah washed and brushed her teeth, got dressed and set off to go and feed the elephants. She rushed down the stairs, grabbed her coat and ran out of the doorway. Rushing to the elephant’s enclosure, she tripped over, and there before her sat a grey, fat elephant. She looked at his foot, amazed. The label read “Buttons.” She exclaimed, “You can be my new best friend!” Suddenly a call came back, “Thank you very much.”

Amazed by what she had just heard, Iylah opened her mouth and gave out the biggest yell anyone had ever heard. Out of the blue, Mum and Dad came and stood next to the shocked girl. Just then, Iylah spoke, “Come on Buttons, speak to Mum and Dad, show them what you do.” Buttons stood still. Then he said, “Hi.” Mum nor Dad could hear anything, but a single splash sound. “They are not happy enough to hear me.” Buttons sighed.

“You’re grounded for a whole week!” Dad exclaimed. “We’ve had enough of this nonsense.” That night Iylah lay in bed dreaming that she was lucky enough to be saved. But nothing happened for the next two hours. As quick as a flash she heard a noise… It was Buttons! He was saying “Mum and Dad have gone to bed.” She rushed down the stairs, passed Mum’s room and went to the enclosure where it was nice and warm.

The next morning Mum and Dad got out of bed and looked in Iylah’s bedroom, but she wasn’t there. They knew where she would be so they went down to the enclosure.

Splash! Buttons put water up his trunk and splashed it at Mum and Dad. Hose pipe in one hand, water gun in the other, Iylah was roaring with laughter. This was the most fun Iylah’s parents had had in ages. Their smiles were back on their faces. Buttons had given them their spirits back. Then Buttons spoke and said “Yay!”
“We’re sorry, let’s get on with life the way it was before.” said Mum. And they lived forever with the animals and had a happy life. “Together forever.” They always said to each other.


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