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Aimee’s 500 words

Far, far away in a dried up, scratty land there was a little girl called Iylah-Rae. She grew with her parents (Ashlie and Scott). Sometimes this could be really fun, but with a baby on the way it made her parents miserable and dull. Iylah would often offer to help but most of the time they would say “No, Iylah, no.” They lived in a zoo which kept lots of animals like grizzly bears, gruesome gorillas and Iylah’s favourite, excellent elephants!

As she had woken up that morning, Iylah washed and brushed her teeth, got dressed and set off to go and feed the elephants. She rushed down the stairs, grabbed her coat and ran out of the doorway. Rushing to the elephant’s enclosure, she tripped over, and there before her sat a grey, fat elephant. She looked at his foot, amazed. The label read “Buttons.” She exclaimed, “You can be my new best friend!” Suddenly a call came back, “Thank you very much.”

Amazed by what she had just heard, Iylah opened her mouth and gave out the biggest yell anyone had ever heard. Out of the blue, Mum and Dad came and stood next to the shocked girl. Just then, Iylah spoke, “Come on Buttons, speak to Mum and Dad, show them what you do.” Buttons stood still. Then he said, “Hi.” Mum nor Dad could hear anything, but a single splash sound. “They are not happy enough to hear me.” Buttons sighed.

“You’re grounded for a whole week!” Dad exclaimed. “We’ve had enough of this nonsense.” That night Iylah lay in bed dreaming that she was lucky enough to be saved. But nothing happened for the next two hours. As quick as a flash she heard a noise… It was Buttons! He was saying “Mum and Dad have gone to bed.” She rushed down the stairs, passed Mum’s room and went to the enclosure where it was nice and warm.

The next morning Mum and Dad got out of bed and looked in Iylah’s bedroom, but she wasn’t there. They knew where she would be so they went down to the enclosure.

Splash! Buttons put water up his trunk and splashed it at Mum and Dad. Hose pipe in one hand, water gun in the other, Iylah was roaring with laughter. This was the most fun Iylah’s parents had had in ages. Their smiles were back on their faces. Buttons had given them their spirits back. Then Buttons spoke and said “Yay!”
“We’re sorry, let’s get on with life the way it was before.” said Mum. And they lived forever with the animals and had a happy life. “Together forever.” They always said to each other.


Sophia’s 500 words

I stared at the ruby chandelier as I walked through the arched doorway. A long rectangular table ran from one end of the room to the other. It had a diamond patterned table cloth draped over it. Maids dashed this way and that, laying the tale with cutlery. I could not help but stroke the tapestry. As its beauty captured my attention so much I forgot I was in a palace and stood there, gormlessly staring. I jumped as I tripped over one of the maid’s legs trying to look for a feather.

I delicately fingered a model of a big brown bear cuddling a small bear- each of them smiled at me as if to say hello. Armour on stands was all around the room. Even though the room was empty, I felt as if I was being watched. I was overcome by how beautiful the palace really was, and how I should savour every second of being there. I walked past a chef humming (Truly Scrumptious) as I walked through the gates to the royal gardens.

Roses tickled my ankles as I sauntered along, staring at honeysuckle and ivy. Carnations of all different colours lit up the garden weaving a rainbow of colours patterned across the dark grey walls. If only I had such a garden to enjoy!

Next I walked through a small passage way with signs and arrows to the food garden. I imagined vivid images of pizza trees and jelly flowers. I’m not stupid-I know that’s not possible I just thought it would be spectacular if it was. But the real thing was much better- with blackberries and raspberries and rhubarb. The food garden is appropriately named as everything in it is edible. I helped a young man to pick a large variety of fruits to make a royal pie for the Queen’s desert. He let me take a handful of blackberries and I stood there happily nibbling at them, delicately trying to remember I was in a palace and I and to be polite as the people there did not think me rude.

I went to the great hall in my best dress with all the other children invited to the parade- by parade I mean a long line of people stood in a line ready to courtesy (or bow) to the Queen as she walks by. Before the procession started, a large man with a long trailing feather coat and a beautiful tie was carrying a beautiful crown perched on top of a red cushion. The gold swirled and curled and wrapped around jewels- it looked nothing like the plastic crown I had at home.

At last the Queen herself paraded in and the large man with the red cushion placed on the crown on her head. Another man passed the stick and ball to the queen and, as she proudly held them above her head, I could see they were her orb and sceptre- the crown jewels.

Evie’s 500 words

“Eat up little one, eat all your fishfingers.”
“But I don’t like them mama.” said the little boy to his mother.
“ Well then,” she said smartly back, “The Fishfinger Police will come and chain you up for the night.” And that is how out story starts- within an old kitchen.

The Fishfinger Police are very tall Fishfingers, with belts with holsters that hold their guns, caps with shiny badges and sunglasses so dark that you cannot see their eyes. They only come if you do not eat your fishfingers, and they will take you away for the night.

But once upon a time, there was the fussiest eater of all. His name was Bob. One time his mother told him about the Fishfinger Police, but he just laughed. That is the thing with all children now. They don’t believe in fairy tales, myths or legends. Tut.

Anyway, back to the story. Then one day Bob’s mother served him fishfingers for dinner, and he just sniffed, poked them with a knife and pushed his plate away. “Eat them up, Bob.” said his mother, sounding worried.
“Humph. You seriously think that I’m going to eat them?” He replied.

BANG! The door flew open and there stood the Fishfinger Police, guns out and read for duty. Bob’s eyes popped and his mouth widened, as he now knew that his mother was right. “I’m ever so sorry Miss, but your son is going to have to stay at Fishfinger Prison.”

“H-how long for?” stammered Bob’s petrified mother.
“Hmm… Let’s see. Ah yes! Your son is just booked in for one night.” replied a crunchy-looking fishfinger. Bob went paler than a paper sheet. “Come on then, sonny Jim.” said a fishfinger who looked like he pumped some iron.

That night was terrible. Bob couldn’t sleep because he was thinking about his poor poor mother who had tried to warn him. At about two o’clock in the morning, Bob was brought back home to his beloved Mother. All of the Fishfinger Police tipped their hats as Bob left. Nervously.

“And that is why you should eat your fishfingers little one,” said the little boy’s mother to her son.
“I will mama!” the little boy cried, stuffing his face with fishfingers. “But there is one thing niggling mama.” He said.
“Yes darling?”
“Isn’t Bob…  Well…”
“Come on spit it out!”
“Isn’t Bob my big brother?!”
“Yes… He is your big bother.”
“ Well he was extremely brave!” The little boy’s mother sat down. She sighed. 
“He was the biggest, bravest boy ever.”

Bob suddenly came down and his little brother gave him a BIG hug. He winked and his mother and she winked back. If you don’t like fishfingers, just remember this story. Always remember the amazing Fishfinger Police. OR ELSE.

Jessica’s 500 words

Once upon a time there lived a man named Benjamin. Now, Benjamin was a regular person until one day something extraordinary happened and changed his life forever.

One day Benjamin decided to go for a walk down by the lake, until he saw a bright light heading towards him so he obviously ran closer to it. As the bright light stopped, it started to get bigger and bigger, until finally the light grabbed Benjamin and pulled him through a beaming hole. It went on forever.

When he finally got out, he could see long, tall grass. But over the grass there was another bright light shimmering in the sunlight. So Benjamin slowly walked towards the light, but he reached into his back pocket for his chocolate. Then suddenly, there was no chocolate in his pocket- there was only a note. It said, “You’re the one, read the plaque.” He read the plaque and it said “All my problems will go, all my problems will go.” Suddenly a huge wall opened up and yelled “I know your problems, just say problems, problems, problems, go, go, go.” So he said it, and… Bang!

They transported to a world with nothing in it but a tiny little mushroom. This was no ordinary mushroom, this mushroom was glowing blue.
“No no no no! This isn’t what I wanted- I wanted money, friends and more, not nothing!” Benjamin shouted for ages and ages saying, “Why, why me? Why? What did I do?” But as quick as a flash, the light disappeared without a trace.

“AARRGGHH! What is going on?! Lots of thought ran through Benjamin’s mind, like will I get back? What’s that mushroom doing there and why is it glowing blue? Benjamin went closer to the mushroom and picked it up.

Zoom! Him and the mushroom flew across the hall and landed right in front of his house but it was new and improved with other people inside. Then Benjamin ran away as fast he could. But he just came back to where he started. Then a man started to shout, “Get off my land now!”
“But I live here?”
“ No, I do. Good day!” yelled the old man.
Just at that moment, he started running around and screaming, “I don’t want this!” But then the mushroom started growing bigger and bigger.
“I know what you want.” said the mushroom. Zap! They were transported to his real house but bigger and better. Then the mushroom disappeared without a trace.
“What is going on?” Benjamin said. Then he went in his house and it was huge. He went inside to see heaps of money, food and much much more. Then in the front room- there was a huge brass sculpture of him. His new house was amazing.

Two hours later he went to bed feeling as happy as ever. Then when he woke he did a huge yawn. When he went downstairs he saw a… mushroom! But it wasn’t glowing brightly at all.

Nina’s 500 words

Hello my name is Alice Jones. Do you believe in ghosts? Well I do. You see when I moved to Derbyshire in the Peak District, I had to travel across an abandoned railway to get to school. What’s so scary about an abandoned railway? Well the tunnels are haunted! When I moved here, there had been four disappearances- two in each tunnel! They were taken by the ghost train- it steams through the tunnels while the passengers grab people who linger too long. To tell you a little more I’ve included one of my history lessons.

“Now class,” said Miss P. “Today we’ll be talking about the railway tunnels just outside school.”
“Please Miss, I need the toilet.”
“Quiet Josh and listen! Long ago in the Victorian age, there was a terrible accident involving the tunnel outside school. It was a dreadful stormy night and a family who were related to one of the steam train drivers were stranded a local station so he offered to give them a lift home. When they were in the tunnel, it collapsed! The tunnel has been repaired of course, but legend has it the train still lurks in the tunnels…”

I think I should tell you about the tunnels. They are super dark. There’s just enough light to see. It’s almost like it’s raining in there because there are so many drips.

It was a normal Monday morning and I was riding to school on my bike. I’d made this journey quite a bit now and wasn’t that scared of the ghost train. After all, as long as I didn’t stop in the tunnels, I was okay. I was nearly at the end of the last tunnel when my bike got a puncture. Off I got to have a look when I felt an ice cold hand on the back of my neck!!! I turned around and there was the ghost train all battered and bumped. The engine driver and the fireman had crushed limbs and broken body bits, while the passengers had hollow faces, stretched skin and massive eyes. Yes and there were the disappeared people who looked pretty much normal, except they were so white they looked like pictures waiting to be coloured in.

I ran as fast as I could, then yes! Daylight. I saw the last stragglers going to school. Even if I did escape, I was going to get a late mark no doubt about that. I was about to get out of the tunnel I tripped! I picked myself up, the train was only inches away as I took the last step…

You may recall at the beginning of the story that when I had moved to Derbyshire there had been four disappearances. Well I am the fifth. You see the ghost passenger grabbed me. I turned into a ghost. Leaving the tunnel was impossible and I was hauled onto the train. Yes I shall be a passenger on the ghost train for ever more.

Sophie W 100wc Week 24

Far,far away in Ancient Greece lived a young hero named Perseus. He was challenged by a evil king. Perseus was nerves when he approached the dark, dim cave he pulled out a energy pop and a pot of rice pudding to give him some energy and to take his nerves away. When Perseus went into the cave to chop off medusa’s head he fell in love and her asked her to marry him and she said yes so they secretly got married and he took the place on the throne king  Polydectes was not happy never was Perseus’s mum.

Taneisha 100wc Week 24

Long ago in Ancient Greece  lived a strong young boy named Perseus. Looking around him, he new he at king polydectes court. King polydectes told Perseus to bring the head of medusa to him. Although many people didn’t think Perseus could get the head, they were all wrong. Hastily running to find his way, Perseus didn’t know which path to go down. Suddenly a god and goddess told him which path to go down,  they also gave him a smelly block of cheese and some magic socks to make him fly. Perseus flung out his sword, the head was off. 

Aimee 100wc Week 24

Far, far away a heroic man was born. He was set on a challenge to slay the gorgon Medusa. He was set this challenge by king Polydectes. Eagerly, he set of on his quest and arrived at Medusas’ lair. Thinking about how he was going to slay the gorgon, Perseus crept into the cave. His heart was sinking. His blood pressure was rising. Suddenly, Perseus went flying! He had tripped over a stone. Next thing he knew, he had ended up with a  thump on Medusas head. Without warning, Medusas’ eyes widened! Just then Perseus froze and turned to stone!

Nina 100wc Week 24

Long ago, a hero called Perseus was told by evil king Polydcetes slay the gorgon medusa. Although many people tolled him not to go, stubborn Perseus ignored them. Walking down the path he met some gods, they told him to fiend the old grey sisters. Who would tell him where the sea  nymphs were. The sisters were like hags. They pointed out a windy road which lead him to Heras garden. Finally he got to hears beautiful garden. In that moment, the prettiest of the nymphs fell in love. She told him not to go and soon they were married.    

Madi 100wc Week 24

Far far away, there was a brave hero named Perseus who was challenged by an evil king called Polydectes. His challenge was to kill a gorgon Medusa. Eager to kill the gorgon, Perseus travelled for a long time. On his way, Perseus met one god and one goddess. They were called Hermes and Athena. As quick as a flash, he reached the gorgons huge cave. Quietly, he crept closer and closer. Suddenly, he reached the gorgon. His mouth dropped. Unexpectedly Medusa was singing in the shower. Perseus slowly made his way towards the shower and slayed the evil gorgon Medusa.