Sophia’s 500 words

I stared at the ruby chandelier as I walked through the arched doorway. A long rectangular table ran from one end of the room to the other. It had a diamond patterned table cloth draped over it. Maids dashed this way and that, laying the tale with cutlery. I could not help but stroke the tapestry. As its beauty captured my attention so much I forgot I was in a palace and stood there, gormlessly staring. I jumped as I tripped over one of the maid’s legs trying to look for a feather.

I delicately fingered a model of a big brown bear cuddling a small bear- each of them smiled at me as if to say hello. Armour on stands was all around the room. Even though the room was empty, I felt as if I was being watched. I was overcome by how beautiful the palace really was, and how I should savour every second of being there. I walked past a chef humming (Truly Scrumptious) as I walked through the gates to the royal gardens.

Roses tickled my ankles as I sauntered along, staring at honeysuckle and ivy. Carnations of all different colours lit up the garden weaving a rainbow of colours patterned across the dark grey walls. If only I had such a garden to enjoy!

Next I walked through a small passage way with signs and arrows to the food garden. I imagined vivid images of pizza trees and jelly flowers. I’m not stupid-I know that’s not possible I just thought it would be spectacular if it was. But the real thing was much better- with blackberries and raspberries and rhubarb. The food garden is appropriately named as everything in it is edible. I helped a young man to pick a large variety of fruits to make a royal pie for the Queen’s desert. He let me take a handful of blackberries and I stood there happily nibbling at them, delicately trying to remember I was in a palace and I and to be polite as the people there did not think me rude.

I went to the great hall in my best dress with all the other children invited to the parade- by parade I mean a long line of people stood in a line ready to courtesy (or bow) to the Queen as she walks by. Before the procession started, a large man with a long trailing feather coat and a beautiful tie was carrying a beautiful crown perched on top of a red cushion. The gold swirled and curled and wrapped around jewels- it looked nothing like the plastic crown I had at home.

At last the Queen herself paraded in and the large man with the red cushion placed on the crown on her head. Another man passed the stick and ball to the queen and, as she proudly held them above her head, I could see they were her orb and sceptre- the crown jewels.


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