Angelee 100wc Week 21

Sources suggest that another kraken attack has been witnessed, yesterday in the Atlantic ocean 1427 7th of June approximately at 10:45pm. Reportedly the Kraken saw the captan driving the pirate ship, the Kraken felt hungry so he went after the captain. According to witnesses meetings were held across the country to find an answer for why the Kraken is attacking so many ships? In these icy blue seas, kraken attacks are less common to happen. In the past seven years, Kraken attacks have only been witnessed by three people and Kraken attacks have rear since 1074. Hopefully the Kraken doesn’t attack again.


2 responses

  1. Wow, what a good news report! Really good use of adjectives: “icy blue sea” it works very well! The bit at the end when you give a background on the attacks is outstanding, and you should be very proud. Good spelling and punctuation throughout. I really like your opening: “sources suggest”, it’s very proffessional. Well done indeed.

  2. *** Professional

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