Elle-Mae 100wc Week 21

Yesterday the 30th of December 1323 a kraken attacked a ship. According to witnesses  the kraken took down the ship. The marred pirate couple Lindsey and John reported that they are lucky to be alive. The kraken, which was angry, attacked the ship. The beasts legs stuck to me like a sticky pad. They screamed and they shouted because they were so scared. Reportedly Ella the co captain wasn’t very empress that her ship had been taken. Know body knows why the kraken attacked meetings were held across the country to find an answer. More on this story as it develops.


2 responses

  1. Elle-Mae I like how you wrote your story as if it were a news report, very clever. I’d like to know more about the kraken; what it is, what it looks like. Must be pretty powerful to take down a spaceship. Keep up the good work writing on the 100WC.

  2. Miss CL-Team 100 | Reply

    Hi Elle-Mae, what an interesting story you’ve come up with. The kraken sounds a pretty scary thing! Don’t forget to include punctuation such as speech marks in your text, they will help the reader to understand the structure of your stories a little more. Well done!

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