Ebony 100wc Week 24

Far, far away there lived a hero named Perseus who set of on a quest to slay the most beautiful gorgon alive. But, like the shock of a cold shower he rejected the slaying of her head and instead asked the most beautiful gorgon in the land to marry him. Jealous her sister medusieas fell to her knees screaming and crying “you cannot marry my sister” “please I beg of you” she cried ” why not” cried Perseus    “Because I’m jealous” she screeched. Suddenly she rose from the small wooden chair and grabbed them by the heads within 3 seconds Burp!


Millie 100wc Week 24

Far away,in Ancient Greece a boy named Perseus (a hero) , had been sent on a quest by king polydectes. Interesting enough , Perseus mutterd I will bring you anything. Laughing, the king paused anything bring me the head of Gorgan medusa  “consider it done ”  Perseus said bravely. Quickly he set of on his challenge as fast as lightening. He had know idea what he was doing. Perseus when they met they began to fall in love, he didn’t hurt her because they knew they both loved each other. 7 months later, he asked her to marry him. She cried ” yes “

Ella 100wc Week 24

Long long ago, lived a young hero called Peruses he was challenged to slay Medusas head .So he set of on his journey though the deep dark cave. He wandered day and night to find Medusa, but he bumped into a solider who has been turned into stone by Medusa.Then he whipped out his iPad then went on search bar and , he tipped how to slay Medusa, it said get a sword then gets bag to put head in. State away slay her head and you have a Medusa head.

Angelee 100wc Week 24

Far, far away lived a strong man, called Pursues. He was challenged by king Polydectes. The challenge was to slay Medusa. Suddenly, he met two gods called, Hearmees and Athena. Unfortunately, they only gave him a shield so he wouldn’t stair into Medusas eyes, a helmet to make him invisible and they gave him a sword to slay Medusas. He felt as cold as a ice cube. Unfortunately, Puesus fell in love with Medusa and that got married. A few days later Puesus got trained into stone and she became queen but nobody ever looked at her again, the end.

Kian 100wc Week 24

Far away in 1402 BC was a village. Over that grand hill, was a castle and a boy called Perseus, was a mountain ready to slay Medusas head. Scratched and bruised, he made it up the half a mile mountain he saw a cave, so he went in it. Suddenly, 3 Gorgons came. Chopping medusas head, he flew out and the Gorgons fell in the water (jelly). Also medusa put a curse on him and fell in JELLY! Yum. Blinking hard, he saw a sea monster stuck and he started to eat but his belly was full of pizza. Oops.       

Olivia M 100wc Week 24

Long, long ago, in a land far away, it was pancake day, and it was quite a Sunny day too. Unfortunately a young boy named Perseus had been set a challenge to slay the Gorgon Medusa. Exited, he set off, only to find his Instagram had updated. Staggered, he got to the Gorgons secret lair, he was surrounded on every side with men that had failed with their GPS signals and had been outsmarted by the abominable Medusa. Because It had been said that she was the most dangerous, so he went back home and had a warm bubble bath…

Michael 100wc Week 24

Scared a brave young night called Perseus started his journey to slay medusa.  On the road, Perseus had not one single weapon then the two gods came down and gave Perseus a sword some winged boots and a shield . Perseus was all kited up now and then bang medusa was in the black cave a sleep so Perseus wiped out his sword and medusa woke Perseus ran until he saw that medusa liked flappy bird and fell in love. After a while medusa and Perseus got married on sims 3 they both played flappy bird and call of duty ghosts.

Evie 100wc Week 24

Weirdly, one foggy day, a hero named Perseus was to bring the king Polodectes Medusa’s head. Strangely, Perseus had one weakness…

Fish and chips. He set off and soon arrived at the Gorgon’s cave. Funnily enough, Medusa was eating…

FISH AND CHIPS!!! ” hmm…” She hissed. ” these fish and chips are dry…”

” Must have fish and chips!”  Spluttered Perseus.

” Bring me some sauce. Then you can, word of a Gorgon.” So Perseus set off on a quest to Morrisons for some sauce. Quickly, Perseus ran back to the Gorgon’s lair. Immediately he squirted the sauce and it landed…

On Medusa’s head.


Jessica 100wc Week 24

Far, far away in the land of Serifos lived a young man named Perseus. King Polydectes ruled Serifos but wasn’t very nice. Unfortunaly, Polydectes asked Perseus to find the head of the gorgon Meduce, and Perseus stupidly axepted. During Perseus’ journey, he began to get tired and had a little break. like a bullet, he ran to the cave as fast as he could. As he got to the cave, he stood still for a minute then went in. Suddenly, a huge mountain of cream soda came hurtling towards him and then drowned and never got her head after all.

George 100wc Week 24

A long time ago a boy called Perseus was challenged to capture medusas head. The next day he set off on his journey. As he reached the end of the road, Perseus started to miss his mother. He walked past lots of mountains and it was like the walk of the world, Medusa  was friends with the king who set the challenge so Medusa was prepared for the battle. When he reached medusa, he was about to chop off her head but he was trampled over by a two headed mammoth. He walked home like a pancake the end goodbye.